Weekly Data Backups

In a world where just one missing comma or bracket within your code can affect your web site, getting an efficient backup is vital. And when you manage an entire server, even though a virtual one, owning a full server backup which can be recovered easily is very helpful. And this is what we provide with our OpenVZ virtual private servers - a number of complete server backups every week, made entirely automatically from us, without having any affect on the server performance and requiring virtually any work on your part. The backup services are provided with all of the OpenVZ virtual private servers, irrespective of their cost or feature list. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

Allow your OpenVZ virtual private server function as a central hub of your web presence. With the unlimited hosted domains provided with our OpenVZ virtual private servers you can easily at last have all of your domain names together and managed from one place. Also, with our web hosting control panel, you can handle both your domain names and your sites in a simple manner. No more need for added domain name or billing panels. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

When you have a Virtual Private Server, you'll need a quick and powerful instrument to control your web site. That's where our zero cost Web Hosting Control Panel comes into play. It has been made by us to be used together with our services, which makes it way quicker as opposed to competing control panels. And since we made it for our services, we were able to make it very easy to use, with no learning curve.Aside from being user-friendly and uncomplicated, it’s also loaded with characteristics which both hosting beginners and experienced users will take pleasure in. You're able to flawlessly command your websites and domain names from the same place, you are able to upload files directly with your Internet browser over a secure connection and you will have full control over your email experience. In addition, we've loaded a massive collection of software instruments and bonuses which can help you get your web site to a higher level. Free Control Panel

Free Bonuses

Each of our OpenVZ virtual private servers features a variety of free of charge bonuses. You'll receive a no cost dedicated IP address, that can help you make your site stand out, by adding a much needed layer of individuality and which is required if you want to set up an SSL certificate for your web site. If you are looking to swiftly start a business venture, you can check out our free of charge reseller hosting tools - a domain name reseller account as well as billing software. Having a combined value of over $300.00 USD, they will enable you to swiftly launch your hosting firm from scratch.And don’t forget, all of the control panel solutions our company offers with our OpenVZ virtual private servers contain their unique set of no cost bonuses, unique for each CP. Free Bonuses

Data Center Choices

Choose an OpenVZ virtual private server and select your data center with HostVPS Gratis. We know how important is the location of a data center for the sleek browsing experience of your visitors. That is why we have chosen several of the best data centers, located all over the world and we have made them available for you. You are able to select from the US data center in Chicago, the UK data center, in the outskirts of Coventry and our AU data center, located in the business heart of Sydney. All these data centers comes with a 99.9% warranted network uptime and great connectivity opportunities. And no matter exactly which data center you select, the server cost will remain exactly the same. Data Center Choices
  • US VPS Hosting
  • Centro de Datos de EEUU

    Colohouse, Chicago, IL

  • UK VPS Hosting
  • Centro de Datos del Reino Unido

    UK Servers, Coventry, UK

  • AU VPS Hosting
  • Centro de Datos de Australia

    Amaze, Sydney, Australia

Full Root Access

When you have constantly needed more liberty in taking care of your online presence than a typical shared web hosting account may offer you, our OpenVZ virtual private servers are the option for you. With each of our servers, you have the chance to update every little thing on your server - from small changes of the Apache configuration, to installing a brand new OS. All of this can be done using the full root access you will have with all of the OpenVZ virtual private servers. To log in your server as the root user, all you need is an SSH-enabled app, which you'll get for virtually any Internet-connected gadget. And don’t forget, whenever you have any questions for us, we're at your beck and call 24/7. Full Root Access